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  • Carol J Nelson

Audra's Returning Soon

Have you read Audra Dying For Life? Well, Audra's back with a whole new set of situations to face. She's married now, but there's trouble ahead. As a new school year begins at Chandler’s Grove Academy, everyone’s facing turmoil. A startling thought nags Audra—She’d rather teach piano than English! Newly married, she dare not indulge in this impossible dream but she can’t shake its constant pestering. Besides, Dann and her friends, Tamina and Heather, have weightier matters to cope with. Belittled by arrogant Christopher Chandler on the first day back at work, Dann foresees a clash of personalities developing. Tamina’s romance with Franklin teeters on the verge of a breakup, and Heather confides a secret that’s going to keep Audra on her knees in prayer. But God’s in the business of transformation, so in his love and grace, will he create a metamorphosis in each of these people through their predicaments?

Audra Life Transformed is in the process of being published at this time. Sign up to receive my newsletter so you won't miss the upcoming release date.

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